We are certified by the American Heart Association to teach (ACLS,BLS,PALS,CPR)

Making sure you promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies and respond accordingly

Basic Life Saving (BLS) Course
Starting From: $45.00

Course Description
At Comfikare CPR, the Basic Life Support course is specially designed to teach members of the general public how to assess and treat injuries and medical or environmental emergencies until professional help arrives. Our trained and certified experts will help you get the training at a very affordable rate.

Course Duration: 3-5 hours

Our experts will provide BLS training to anyone who is willing to receive the BLS certification

What will you learn?
In this Basic Life Support course, the students will learn:

  • Proper techniques to use when treating internal or external bleeding
  • Dealing with anaphylactic shock
  • Managing bone and joint injuries
  • Providing burn care
  • Identifying symptoms of heart attack
  • Stroke management, and more

Train for the Future, Train for Excellence

Enroll at Comfi-Kare CPR for your life support training today. Schedule an appointment for a more in-depth discussion of your needs. You may also send us a message here for your inquiries.

We provide our services in several regions of Maryland, including Montgomery County and Frederick County.

We are certified by the American Heart Association, and our certificates are valid for two years.