We are certified by the American Heart Association to teach (ACLS,BLS,PALS,CPR)

Basic Life Support(BLS) first time and Renewal

Advance Cardiac Life Support(ACLS)     Initial

Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS) Initial

Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS) Renewal

Advance Cardiac Life Support(ACLS)    Renewal

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If you are a medical professional looking for a convenient and efficient way to get medical certifications, look no further because at Comfi-Kare CPR we provide certification classes right at your doorstep. We provide a flexible schedule, so you can take certification classes from our expert instructors at your place on your preferred day and time. In addition to the certification, you’ll learn to act quickly in the event of a medical emergency.
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Combo Courses

BLS & ACLS Certification

BLS, ACLS & PALS Certification

AHA Heartsaver first Aid, CPR, & AED

Primeros auxilios, RCP y DEA de AHA Heartsaver

Why ComfiKare CPR?

  • We are certified by American Heart Association.
  • Trained and Expert Instructors.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Widely Accepted Certification
  • 100% Passing Rate
  • Certificate Valid For 2 Years
  • Flexible Class Schedules
  • Group training sessions at your preferred location.

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  • We bring the benefits of the classroom to your workplace or even your home!
  • We offer flexible training programs to small groups as well. Our certified trainers travel to your workplace or home for group training sessions.
  • Schedule your group training session TODAY at your preferred location.
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What we offerOur Programs

Learn and earn the skills and confidence you need to save lives through our basic life support, advanced life support, and pediatric life support programs.

Basic Life Support(BLS) first time and    Renewal

Basic Life Support(BLS) Skills Session

(ACLS)Advance Cardiac Life Support Course

(ACLS)   Heart Code      Skills

(PALS)Pediatric Advanced Life Support

(PALS)Pediatric Advanced Life Support Renewal

(ACLS)Advance Life Support Course Renewal

AHA Heartsaver Basic First Aid

AHA Heartsaver first Aid, CPR, & AED

BLS & ACLS Certification

BLS, ACLS & PALS Certification

Soporte Vital Básico (BLS) por primera vez y renovación

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Introducing to you Comfi-Kare CPR

Training Programs in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Welcome to Comfi-Kare CPR! You are right on track to completing your training requirements to become a certified life support professional.

Our Life Support Training in Gaithersburg, Maryland, are designed to help you fully harness your talents and abilities so you can learn the skills necessary, enhance your competencies, and be qualified to practice your certification.
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first aid training

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Equipping you with first and immediate assistance know-how for life-threatening illnesses.

health worker first aid training

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Arming you with advanced lifesaving basic life support skills to prevent cardiac arrests.

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Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Making sure you can respond and handle shock, cardiopulmonary arrest, and respiratory emergencies.

first aid training

you're important to us Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality life support training to every level of healthcare provider and citizens. We strive to improve ourselves to designed training sessions specifically for healthcare workers and professionals, so each session consciously delivers the skills and knowledge they are looking for and required.

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