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7 Reasons You should be CPR-Certified

Knowing how to perform CPR and give effective chest compression can save millions of lives from deaths due to cardiac emergencies occurring outside of hospital settings. A CPR certification course helps medical professionals and individuals learn about cardiac emergencies and how to handle them outside hospitals. 

Be it a medical professional, community helper, or public service, anyone could take a CPR certification course. 

Why Should You Get CPR Certification? 

However, if you are still wondering whether you should take CPR certification or not, here are the top 7 reasons that will inspire you to take the course right away. So, be ready!

Saving Lives

Medical emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. With CPR certification, you learn to give effective chest compression to adults, which increases the chances of survival until a medical emergency arrives. Many cases of cardiac arrest happen outside of a hospital, therefore, timely intervention and knowing the right procedure of CPR saves an individual during a medical emergency. 

Prevents Brain Death

Brain death occurs when a person undergoes cardiac arrest. As the heart stops beating, the brain doesn’t get oxygen. Therefore, when cardiac arrest occurs, CPR must be administered within 2 minutes. When you immediately administer CPR, the chances of survival increase, as it keeps the heart beating, and therefore, you are most likely to have a positive outcome.

Reinforce a Positive Work Environment

CPR courses help you be a great leader by enforcing a positive working environment and boosting the morale of the people witnessing the cardiac emergency. With the proper knowledge of CPR, you will be able to make a safe room for an individual undergoing cardiac arrest. This builds a positive environment and helps you keep the situation under control. 

Boosts Your Confidence

Cardiac arrests can occur for multiple reasons, and medical complexity is one of them. However, deaths occurring due to cardiac arrest can simply be avoided by giving effective chest compression. Once you have adequate knowledge of CPR training, you can boost your confidence and encourage your coworkers to act promptly. 

Taking Responsibility to Enhance Your Leadership Skills

As you have advanced knowledge of medical conditions and factors associated with cardiac arrest, you know what you need to do during an emergency. So, apart from medical knowledge, you also take responsibility and help people understand their roles and responsibilities. 

Provides Basic Knowledge of AED

CPR courses also provide the right knowledge of the AED or Automated External Defibrillator. This medical device is useful when someone has a cardiac arrest at home; moreover, if needed, it also gives an electric shock to restore normal rhythm. 

Learn To Work In A High-Pressure Environment 

CPR classes are designed in a way that helps an individual learn responsibility and communication skills while working in a high-pressure environment. It is important to remember that while giving CPR to someone, you must stay calm, learn to deal with the situation wisely, help others make decisions, and focus on saving their life.

Advance Your Career With CPR Certification

Learning the right procedure for CPR is now easier. Thanks to CPR courses that are widely available at an affordable rate. Now, with Comfikare CPR, you can get CPR classes in Maryland, Baltimore, Silver Spring, and many more. Our trained professionals provide training to small groups as well. Get your CPR certification and recertification with us and advance your medical career.

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