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Top 10 Careers Where CPR Certification Can Make a Difference

If you are from a non-medical background and are wondering whether you need CPR certification or not, you are at the right place. Apart from medical professionals, community workers and people working in the Department of public safety are always prone to meeting some medical emergency at any place. So, it is better to be ready to face a medical emergency at any point.

Here are the top 10 careers that can give you a major advantage if you attend CPR-Certified training classes.

10 careers That Demand CPR Certification:

Community Workers/Social Workers

Community workers, or social workers, work in various settings, mostly out-of-hospital settings. Therefore, they need to be prepared for any sort of emergency, major or minor, at any time, and this emergency situation includes cardiac arrest too. 

Athletic or Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers or coaches must have knowledge about heart diseases or factors interlinked that may cause cardiac arrest in athletes. As CPR increases the chances of survival, it is important that the trainers know the correct procedure for giving chest compression. 

Child Care Providers

If you work with children or have a profession related to child healthcare, the knowledge of PALS helps you act promptly during a medical emergency. It makes you stand out in the crowd and allows you to perform the correct way of performing CPR on children and infants. Adult CPR is very different from children’s CPR; the PALS certification helps you know the right way. 

Construction Workers

Construction sites are prone to higher accident risks. The working conditions are physically demanding, as they need to carry heavy cement or deal with heavy machinery. This makes them likely to have a cardiac arrest. Therefore, learning CPR will help you act immediately until medical emergencies arrive. 


They have a high risk of cardiac arrest as they work in hazardous environments with high temperatures that cause electric shocks, fires, explosions, and so forth. With CPR certification, an individual working in such a hazardous environment is able to act promptly. 

Security Guards and Lifeguards

Guards have various duties, including patrolling at night or keeping surveillance to avoid any mishaps. Therefore, if any medical emergency occurs, they must have proper knowledge of how to deal with serious medical situations, including cardiac arrest. It is their duty to maintain peace and a safe environment for all individuals and employees. So, what could be better than getting a CPR certificate at an affordable rate?

Guardhouse or Personnel working at Detention Centers

Like other guards, prison guards also have to be mindful about the surveillance while supervising the activities of inmates, and enforcing rules to maintain discipline in the centers. A lack of discipline and fights may cause cardiac emergencies inside the premises. Therefore, the proper knowledge of CPR  is essential at times. 

Flight Attendants

Whenever any medical emergency occurs on a flight, flight attendants and crew members are on board to deal with the situation. Therefore, having a CPR course helps them to know how to use AED equipment and give effective chest compressions. 

School Teacher/ School Staff

Children are prone to injuries, including choking and cardiac arrest. Therefore, adequate knowledge of CPR and Basic First Aid comes in handy at the time of a medical emergency. As the staff and teachers are responsible for dealing with school medical emergencies, CPR courses are a boon to them. 

Medical Students

If you are a medical intern and looking for some ways to stand out in the crowd, getting a CPR course is the best option. The CPR certificate will help students and medical professionals act promptly during medical emergencies, anywhere and anytime. 

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