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How does Basic Life Support Training help your career?

Basic Life Support training, or BLS training, is a rescue method that increases the chances of survival during a medical emergency. The main goal of Basic Life Support training in Maryland is to recognize medical emergencies and save lives. A person with BLS skills knows how to recognize medical emergencies and saves the individual by reversing an irregular heartbeat.

Let us get a basic idea of what BLS is and how BLS training will help you in your professional career. 

What is Basic Life Support?

Basic Life Support is medical care that helps to save lives using CPR or other techniques during medical emergencies, like cardiac arrest, airway obstructions, or respiratory issues.

Comfikare CPR offers Basic Life Support training in Maryland which will help you secure medical jobs and save a life. When dealing with medical crises such as cardiac emergencies, respiratory distress, and blocked airways, BLS training teaches a person how to do successful CPR and use AED equipment.

How Basic Life Support training help you in your professional career?

BLS training is quite essential in the healthcare profession. Getting Basic Life Support training will ensure that you excel in your medical profession and act promptly during a medical emergency.

Following below are a few points that help in understanding how BLS training increases your value in the healthcare sector:

BLS training helps you learn about advanced life support skills

With BLS course certification, you get to learn more about advanced lifesaving courses. This includes performing CPR, using AED equipment, performing rescue breathing, or airway management. 

Boost your confidence during medical emergencies

A lot of cardiac arrest cases happen outside of hospitals, and people keep waiting for a medical professional to arrive. With the right BLS training, you gain confidence to perform life-saving skills promptly and save the person until the medical help arrives. Performing CPR during cardiac arrest doubles or triples the chances of survival. 

Chances of employability and promotion in the healthcare sector increase

Getting Basic Life Support certification increases the chances of employment in the healthcare profession. Therefore, demonstrating your life-saving skills will increase your chances of promotion in the healthcare and medical industry. 

BLS course recertification helps you stay updated about the healthcare sector

Once you get your BLS certification, you can continue learning about life-saving skills and enhance your knowledge. Also, after every two years, you can renew your certification and keep yourself updated about the changing scenario of the healthcare industry.

Helps in high-stress environments

Take charge of the medical emergency situation right away with Basic Life Support skills. Today, most of us work in high-stress surroundings, and anything can happen around us. Knowing how to perform CPR will allow you to take command during an emergency.

How do I find Basic Life Support training in Maryland?

Comfikare CPR has trained professionals who offer certification and recertification courses on Basic Life support training in Maryland, including Montgomery County and Frederick County, at a very affordable price. They provide training sessions to small groups, including healthcare professionals, school teachers, and parents, at their desired location in Maryland.

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