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Life Support Skills Matter Especially If You Have Kids

Life Support Skills Matter

Children are curious and adventurous. However, despite their drive to know everything around them, their fragile bodies are prone to injuries and accidents that can lead to life-threatening experiences. Whether you have kids or not, it is important to have child-friendly life support skills ready.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a set of guidelines for emergency care of infants and children from the American Heart Association. The program teaches providers like Comfi-Kare CPR how to manage respiratory problems and administer defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion. When a child is having a life-threatening emergency, it is critical to open their airways. CPR techniques and effective resuscitation team dynamics are also critical.

PALS is a training program that includes everything from Basic Life Support training and Advanced Life Support training but with the unique considerations required for small children and infants.

In this class, students will learn a variety of skills related to cardiac emergencies and life support training in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that fit the needs of a child in need. This will include learning how to identify the causes of deterioration in a patient’s condition, how to respond effectively to a cardiac arrest, and how to work effectively as part of a team in a cardiac emergency.

PALS providers will be able to differentiate between respiratory distress and failure; between unstable and stable patients with arrhythmias; and between compensated and decompensated (hypotensive) shock.

All students must already have been trained to perform the following:

  • Perform high-quality pediatric basic life support (PBLS)
  • Read and interpret basic electrocardiograms (ECG)
  • Understand basic resuscitation pharmacology, and prepare and administer essential medications

Be prepared always. Save a life by enrolling in our training services in Maryland. Feel free to dial our number for assistance.