We are certified by the American Heart Association to teach (ACLS,BLS,PALS,CPR)

Importance of Learning First Aid and How to Treat Burns


We are so complacent about basic knowledge when it comes to responding to emergencies when in fact, we should take these things seriously. Knowing life-saving skills and treating minor injuries and burns can prepare us for any emergency. Comfi-Kare CPR is a known and well-established provider of Life Support Training in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Our mission and goal are to help as many people as possible to learn about Basic Life Support and its importance. We primarily teach beginners about first aid and how essential it is to know how to act in certain situations and treat wounds.

Burn Care is one of the most common wound treatments we teach to our students. Fire can happen any time, or even a simple burn accident at home would require this skill. There are proper ways to treat burns, and we should know how to do it.

Our First Aid Class is open for everyone, even healthcare providers who want to upgrade their skills and want to know the latest advancements and techniques done in emergencies.

If you want to enroll in the Training Services in Maryland that we can provide, please do not hesitate to give our lines a call. We look forward to seeing you soon and starting the training sessions with you.