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Know the Difference between CPR Training and CPR Certification

Ever wondered whether you need CPR certification for your career? Apart from the healthcare industry, there are many professions that require CPR training skills to act promptly during a medical emergency. Live-saving skills like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training have gifted many people with life, especially during medical emergencies. But it is important to know the correct procedure for giving chest compressions.

Thanks to the trained professionals offering CPR classes who have served the purpose of giving proper training to many medical professionals and non-medical residents in Frederick County, if you are struggling to figure out whether you need a CPR certification course or not, this blog will provide you with all the information you need.

To know the objective behind getting a CPR course, you first need to understand the difference between CPR training and certification. Though both may seem similar, there are subtle differences between them.

In this post, we are going to explore the difference and know the benefits of CPR certification to boost your profession

Table of Content:

  1. What is CPR training?
  2. What is CPR certification?
  3. How to get CPR training and certification in Frederick County?

What is CPR training?

The CPR training course refers to the educational process that teaches individuals to perform hands-on training to give chest compressions and act promptly during medical emergencies. The CPR course teaches you to identify the signs of cardiac arrest, give effective chest compression, rescue breathing, use an automated external defibrillator, or AED, and respond to choking emergencies. With CPR classes, you learn the skills to respond to any emergency situation until a medical emergency arrives. 

What is CPR Certification?

The certification is not simply about training and responding to medical emergencies, it also officially recognizes your skills in the professional world. With CPR certification, you get to validate the training skills that you have learned during the course. Your certification shows validation and officially recognizes your skills, understanding, and competence to perform CPR during a medical emergency. Getting CPR-certified from an American Heart Association-certified institution like Comfikare CPR, helps you boost your career. You can also read our blog on the benefits of CPR certification for handling critical medical emergencies outside hospital settings.

Now that you know the difference between CPR certification and a CPR training course, it is important to note that both aim to save lives. With CPR training, you are learning about life-saving courses, and obtaining the certification can boost your career and enhance your confidence. The latter also contributes to building a safer environment by embracing preparedness during a medical emergency.

Therefore, CPR certification is more than acquiring and learning life-saving skills; with such training, you can create a significant impact on the lives around you.

Are You Looking For CPR Training And CPR Certification in Frederick County?

With CPR training and a certificate, you help in building a safer community and workplace. Now anyone, including lifeguards, school teachers, medical professionals, security guards, and parents, can acquire these skills at quite an affordable rate. With Comfikare CPR, you can get CPR classes in Frederick County at quite an affordable rate. We are certified by the American Heart Association, which aims to train as many as possible to increase the chances of survival during a medical emergency, so every life matters.

Also, if you want to renew your CPR certificate, we are here for you. Get in touch with us to learn how to renew your certification right away at an affordable rate.

Also, we understand that your busy schedule leaves you no time for CPR classes. But don’t worry; with trained medical professionals at Comfikare CPR, you can now learn the skills right in the comfort of your home. We also offer CPR training courses to small groups, all at your own preferred time. So what are you waiting for, book your CPR classes in Frederick County, Maryland, and get certified now!