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Learn Everything You Need to Know About AED

AED (Automated external defibrillator)

Medical emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere; so being prepared before anything worse comes up becomes essential. You may be amazed to know that one of the leading causes of death worldwide is Sudden Cardiac Arrest. But with the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), one could be saved in time. 

However, learning the right way to use AED machines can play a significant role in saving one’s life. The good news is anyone can learn to use AED, and now you can do it too. You can simply learn to use the AED machine in a pretty affordable CPR certificate course at CPR classes, and you need no medical education for it.

But before we jump into getting the course, let us learn a bit about the little machine.

Table of contents:

  • What is an AED?
  • How do AED machines work?
  • Important things about AED
  • Who could teach me AED usage to me?

What is AED?

AED machine

An automated External Defibrillator or AED is a small portable device that delivers a rhythmic shock to a person’s heart when needed. During a medical emergency, like sudden cardiac arrest, occurring outside the hospital setting, the pads of the AED are attached to the chest, and the machine can analyze the heart rhythm and deliver a shock to restart the heart. Anyone, including bystanders, can use an AED. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to use an AED, there are various life-saving courses that help you learn skills to recognize and act promptly during a medical emergency. For instance, Comfikare CPR conducts CPR classes in Frederick County, Maryland for everyone where you can learn how to use an AED and prepare yourself for a medical emergency.

How does the AED machine work?

When a person is unresponsive, the device measures the person’s heart rhythm and delivers a shock to restart the heart back to its normal rhythm. Once the machine analyzes the heart’s rhythm, the automated voice instructs the user on the next steps and how to proceed. If the defibrillator is necessary, the device will respond and instruct the user to stay away from the victim when the shock is delivered. If the device tells the user that CPR is needed, then the person can continue doing CPR.

Important things about AED

SCA has known to be one of the leading causes of death around the globe. Using an AED on time can save many lives during a medical emergency that happens outside the hospital. If you are wondering whether to get a CPR course or not, check out the reasons for getting CPR certified.

AED is useful for people of any age

Anyone, including young adults and children, can be a victim of cardiac arrest. But with AED, the chances of survival increase. When a medical emergency occurs, the responders, knowing the use of an AED, can significantly play a greater role in improving the health of the people.

Anyone can use an AED

Yes, you heard it right! Anyone can learn how to use an AED only by getting the right knowledge through CPR classes. The machines are designed in such a way that anyone can learn how to use them properly. So, there is no age bar. You can simply attend a CPR certification course, where you learn about various medical emergencies and how to recognize them.

Easy-to-use features

When you get an AED, inside the box you see a pad and a diagram explaining how to use it. Once you turn on the device, a voice tells you how to use it effectively. Firstly, the machine will determine whether the individual needs shock treatment or not. If no shock treatment is needed, the machine will tell the person to continue doing CPR. You can learn how to use the device properly with the CPR classes at Comfikare CPR.

Help the individual immediately

Once the normal heartbeat resumes, take the individual immediately to the nearest hospital. Also, keep the AED at its original location and check with the concerned person if the device is working at its best after usage. You can also ask the person to check the battery level.

How could I get training for AED usage in Frederick County?

Learning to use an AED can help the first responder act promptly during a medical emergency. There are many institutions that provide affordable CPR classes in Frederick County. You need no prior professional medical certificate to take the CPR classes.

With Comfikare CPR, you can get CPR classes in Frederick County, Maryland, where you learn the proper usage of an AED. Our experts can help you learn how to use the AED properly and respond to a medical emergency.

However, if you have a busy schedule, you can always schedule your classes for CPR at home too. Our experts will visit your place and give you CPR training at your convenience. Give us a call to book your affordable CPR classes now!